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There is a wealth of publications on the Bioeconomy and Foodsystems, published by the OECD, The FAO, the WEF, the WBCSD and of course the EU.
Some key documents are listed below as references, excluding the numerous scientific and academic publications.
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On data:
Our World in Data
Agriculture, forestry and fishery statistics - 2020 edition (europa.eu)
EU agriculture statistics: subsidies, jobs, production (infographic) 
FAOSTAT Food and Agriculture Data
World Bank Open Data
EIU -Global Food Security Index 2022
Pew Research Center

On the Bioeconomy
The EU Knowledge center for the Bioeconomy    
2023-EC Trends in the Bioeconomy (with BMS)    
OECD - Carbon Management: Bioeconomy and Beyond  
Global Food and Nutrition Security Dashboard
2023-OECD - Health in a glance
2023 - Circularity Gap Report - EMcArthur
2023-McKinsey - Solving the nature nexus: Food, agriculture, land use, and water

Food SystemsEIU 
EU farm to fork strategy
EU Farm to Fork Strategy 2020 Report 
2023-SAPEA-Towards sustainable food consumption
EAT Lancet Forum
OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2023-2032
A Guide to Generating Evidence for National Policies and Strategies (NPS) for Food, Land, and Water Systems Transformation
2023-Mc-Kinsey - The agricultural transition: Building a sustainable future
2022 - WBCSD - The role of the food industry in providing affordable, nutritious foods to support healthy and sustainable diets
2023 - FAO - the state of Food Security and Nutrition in the World
EIU - Global Food Security Index 2022
EU - Food 2030 - R&I policy as a driver for  food systems
2023 - Organic farming in the EU
2023-FN- Is Europe Farm to Fork Strategy in Trouble?

Food And Bio Economy-Metrics, Impacts, Finance
Wolrd Bank - Food Prices for Nutrition DataHub
2023 - Funding the EU transition to more sustainable agriculture: discussion paper
2023-Perspective: What might it cost to reconfigure food systems?